Protection Plus

Protection Plus Now Included on Individual Returns!

Protection Plus is the leading audit assistance and identity theft restoration provider in the tax industry. Tax Protection Plus provides assistance for both federal and state returns. At this time it will only cover 1040 returns that are filed timely.



What benefits does Protection Plus provide to a taxpayer?

  • Assistance with IRS and State Audits and Inquiries
  • Identity Theft Restoration
  • $2,500 Tax Preparation Guarantee
  • Tax Debt Relief Assistance
  • Assistance with Denied Tax Credits

How does the identity theft restoration benefit work?

In the case of an identity theft incident, Protection Plus will provide comprehensive, personalized recovery services which include providing a state specific “ID Recovery Kit”, contacting appropriate parties, and providing credit monitoring for six months following an incident. All work done on behalf of a member is performed by qualified Privacy Advocates.

Does Protection Plus assist with state audits?

Yes. Tax Protection Plus provides assistance for both federal and state returns.

Who will assist taxpayers with an audit?

Protection Plus has full time EAs and CPAs on staff that handle all issues with the appropriate taxing authorities.

Who will assist clients with identity theft issues?

A team of qualified privacy advocates is available 24/7 to assist taxpayers with identity theft issues they may face.

Does Tax Protection Plus offer bilingual assistance?

Yes. Protection Plus has Spanish support and case representatives available.


*Protection Plus will only cover tax returns for the years that the Protection Plus Plan was included. Audit assistance services expire after three tax seasons, on April 15.  Identity theft restoration services expire one year from the date of purchase. Full terms and details can be found in the membership agreement.