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 2020 Federal Refund Delays

Here are the most common reasons why you may not have yet received your 2020 refund:

  1. Your return was paper filed, not e-filed.
  2. You received unemployment benefits.  Mid-season tax changes may reduce your tax liability.
  3. You had Marketplace insurance and needed to repay advance premium credit. Mid-season tax changes may reduce your tax liability.
  4. You did not receive all your 1st or 2nd stimulus and you claimed the Recovery Rebate Credit.
  5. Your return included a claim filed for an earned income tax credit or an additional child tax credit using 2019 income.
  6. General processing delays at the IRS from COVID shutdown and reduced staffing.


Check Your Refund Status

IRS Refund Need SSN, Filing status (single, married filing jointly, etc.), refund amount

IRS Amended Return Refund  Need SSN, Date of Birth, Zip Code, then tax year

MO refund inquiry  Need SSN, Filing status (single, dependent, MFJ, etc.), refund amount, tax year


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