Make Tax Time Less Taxing


Why You Should Be A CSL Client:

Experience: We have been preparing tax returns for over 30 years and know how to ensure you get the most out of your return.  

Convenience: We make the process of filing your taxes as easy as possible. Make an appointment or just drop off your return and we'll contact you when it's ready. We offer a $10 discount if you choose to drop-off your return.

Access:  Our office is open year-round to address your needs. Email, call, or fax us for prompt and accurate answers.

Return History: We will provide free digital and paper copies of previous returns and their supporting documents whenever needed.

Comprehensive Services: We are here to help with all of your financial needs - from starting a new business to providing payroll services, or consulting about your 401k investments. Our advice is tailored to your individual circumstances.

Representation: We can help navigate issues with the IRS, State of Missouri, or other agencies.

Complimentary Consultation: Deciding where to turn? Let us help with a free consultation appointment. Call or fill out the contact form with an appointment request.


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Please browse the pages of this site and feel free to send questions, suggestions or other feedback by contacting us directly. Check back often as current news that may impact your financial situation will be updated here.

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